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Evers Design
South Melbourne
Mar 2001

In November 2000, I went to Borobudur in central Java. While I was there I lost all sense of time as I felt that I has stepped into a secret world that had been long forgotten in the West. Parties, celebration, laughter and magic filled the air, a culture which is rich with romance and beauty. As I traveled the ten levels of the temple I was in awe of the stories which are carved into the walls and the stillness which surrounded them as if they stand alone in time.

The gift I descended with from Borobudur is this show.

In the past I have felt stuck with concepts I have placed on my artistic expression, strangling it with ideas of beauty, perfection and keeping within the lines. This show I decided to take an approach of having no conceptual idea, and to allow myself the freedom to express without constraints.

As a result I have felt my passion and the joys of expression flourish. I enjoy what I do. The focus is no longer how it looks but how it feels. That is the perfection.

If my audience can feel my art then I have succeeded, for to feel is beautiful.

Special thanks to Monika Evers, King Syailendra of Borobudur and Prince Ratu.
High Priestess of the stone
Lady in Red
Niluh Pasek Pandji with the lance Ki Tungjung Tutur
Portrait of Putra
Portrait of Putra II
Pura Besakih, Bali
The Mermaid