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Melati Hewison - Magical Horse of the Sidhe
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Magical Horse of the Sidhe
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580 x 680mm


Arcylic on Canvas




The Irish Goddesses


“Here I am” said the horse of the Sidhe, whilst marking the ground of Uisneach with its large hoof.
The Hill of Uisneach is situated in the centre of Ireland and is often regarded as the ‘Navel of Ireland’. From the hill of Uisneach one can see all the four provinces from ancient times; Connacht, Ulster, Leinster and Munster.

It is here that the famous Stone of Divisions can be seen, also known as the Cat Stone. The Goddesses Banba, Fódhla and Eire after whom Ireland was originally named, can be met here.
This is where the Bealtaine fire festival is still celebrated today. In times past, a fire would be lit from this point and then all the other fires in Ireland would come from its flames.
The horse is one of the mystical creatures of the Otherworld and features often in Irish mythology.


Available, please contact artist for details.