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Melati Hewison - Goddess Brigid
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Goddess Brigid
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500 x 1000 mm


Acrylic on canvas




'Irish Goddesses'
Holiday Inn, Dublin city


Brigid is the Goddess of Spring, her name means 'the exalted one'. She is a patroness of poetry and the Deity of inspiration and prophecy. She holds the power of the fire element and healing. This is a painting of her before she became a Saint.

She was born at sunrise, nourished by the milk of a white cow with red ears who came from the Otherworld (of the Tuatha De Danann). She is the daughter of Daghda, an Irish God.

She has survived the transition from Pagans to Christians. The Church ordained her as a Saint in ad490. The devotion of the Irish people has kept her alive to this day.

Through devotion she offers her protection.


Private collection, Ireland.