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Melati Hewison - Cailleach Beara
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Cailleach Beara
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sides - 250 x 500 mm x centre - 380 x 760 mm


Acrylic on canvas and glass beads




'Irish Goddesses'
Holiday Inn, Dublin city


One of the most ancient of all the Celtic Goddesses. She held Sovereignty over England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. With her apron she took up the skies, as she carried boulders to places throughout the lands, and formed them with their hills and valleys.

At Loughcrew in Co. Meath she has her throne, where she smokes her pipe and looks out over the hills in the direction of her stone in the south west of Ireland. To sit on her seat all wishes will be granted.

Also known as the Old Hag, she is a shape shifter, like many of the Celtic Goddesses, and also takes the form of the maiden ...all depending on the sovereignty of the land.


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