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Melati Hewison - Irish fairy
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Irish fairy
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310 x 400 mm


Acrylic on canvas




Cultural Travels
Red Earth Gallery
125 Brice Avenue
Mooroolbark VIC 3138


The Fairy folk of Ireland are very much alive in this land of magic. They have circles (stone and trees) all over the land which have survived many generations. They are sacred and it is told that if one tries to destroy one of these rings of magic, that misfortune will befall all those associated. So it is not surprising that they are still here with us.

My family comes from the Isle of Skye, where they have the legend of the Fairy flag. It was a love story between a man and a fairy. Eventually she had to return to her land and gave the man a flag as a symbol of her love and uniting of their worlds. This flag still exists in a castle on the west of the island, Dunvegan Castle. Extensive tests from many experts have shown that the flag is not made from this world.

I have heard countless stories of these folk. They are mysterious beings who help us see how serious we take ourselves rather than how serious we should take our lives. They remind me how to have fun.


Available, please contact artist for details