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Melati Hewison - The Morrigan
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The Morrigan
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460 x 600 mm


Acrylic on canvas




'Irish Goddesses'
Holiday Inn, Dublin city


Whilst on a trip to the West of Ireland I had the great fortune to visit the sacred 'Cave of the Cats' Oweynagat, near Tulsk in Rathcrogan.

The Oweynagat is a natural limestone fissure over 130m deep which in mythological cycles is referred to as the most important 'Entrance to the Otherworld'. It is here that the spirits emerge at Samhain to mingle with the human world. This cave is also known as where the Morrigan arose at the beginning of the wars from the Tain.

The Morrigan, whose name means Great Queen, is a Goddess of war and death. As a protectress she empowers an individual to confront challenges with great personal strength, even against seemingly overwhelming odds.

She is a shape shifter who has been seen in many forms, yet her most well known is that of a crow. It was she that rested on Cu Chulainn's shoulder at the time of his death.


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