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Melati Hewison - Queen Medb/Maeve
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Queen Medb/Maeve
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400 x 1000 mm


Acrylic on canvas




Cultural Travels
Red Earth Gallery
125 Brice Avenue
Mooroolbark VIC 3138


I travelled to the West of Ireland, to Rathcroghan (Cruachain) where the Goddess/Queen Medb ruled in first century BC. Rich in many sacred sites it was truly magical, like stepping back in time.

Queen Medb is known in the story of 'The Tain'. Where she went into battle with Cu Chulainn when trying to capture the prized brown bull of Cooley. A great and mighty Queen of Connacht, Medb is an earth Goddess of Sovereignty, a Celtic Goddess her name means 'The Intoxicating One'. She is known as being a strong-willed woman with a good mind and extreme battle skills. She is a perfect example of female strength, particularly with her sexuality.

Her teaching is of love and sexuality. She was known to have up to 30 men in one day, yet it was only the hero Fergus Mac Roich who could satisfy her insatiable sexual appetite. Hence attraction and desire alone could not satisfy the Queen, only true love could.


Available, please contact artist for details.