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Melati Hewison - Wangi Falls, Litchfield, NT
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Wangi Falls, Litchfield, NT
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916 x 760 mm


Arcylic and ochre on canvas




Melbourne Central
Level 2, Fashion Incubator Gallery


I travelled to Litchfield afew times and if I lived in the area of Darwin I would travel there often. I love Litchfield, there is is much to see and is an easy day trip from Darwin.
One of my favourite places was Wangi Falls. Here I felt peace and richness with the land and it's ancient culture and ancestors. There is a small water hole in the cliffs face where I sat and relaxed. Even though there were many tourists swimming, they didn't disturb the silence I felt here.
In this painting I wanted to make it obvious that it is a picture of a waterfall, yet through the shapes in the cliff face ones imagination is inspired to see whatever you wish. Which brings the piece to life.


Private collection, Ireland

I just met your maother tonight in Sanur at the Cafe,she was having diner with her friend, Karen while I was having coffee with my Australian friend who also leaving Bali back to Australia tomorrow.She told me to look at your work and told me how beautiful they are... I love your works,particularly this piece... I have been to Litchfield recently and also find it a very beautiful and lots of calming spiritual feeling in it.I have a restaurant in Ubud called Tutmak,by the soccer field so please drop in if you happen to be around... Good luck with your paintings.
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